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STAYER ® Yachts,

Designed by Olivier van Meer Naval Architects and built by VMG Yachtbuilders.

Both have the same vision on yachtbuilding and yachting experience.

Quality, Comfort and Luxury.

All STAYER ® Yachts are semi-custom build, which means that -apart from the very distinctive lines - you as an owner will completely define and style your own yacht together with the Architect. The color, the layout, the materials, the equipment etcetera. Practically anything is possible, as long as it fits in.

The key words for the development of the STAYER® were: space, speed, easy to handle, comfort, strength and safety.

Built in aluminium to the highest, famous Dutch yacht building standards.

Although the technical platform is without any compromise in quality and designers and builders experience, each STAYER®  is fully customized to the wish of her owner.

This customization will be done in close cooperation between the owner, the architect, the project manager and the builder.

What connects all STAYER ® Yachts is the individual execution, the detailed guidance by the designer and the very high quality and perfection of the building team.

STAYER ® Yachts builds semi-custom-built motor yachts of unprecedented quality combined with a superior finish

STAYER ® Yachts: "The new long distance blue water cruiser"

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